Artistic talent and meticulous craftsmanship don’t always come in the same package with exemplary values and moral integrity, but in the case of Luke Wieting, they do. The remarkable thing is (and, believe me, I can’t say this of all my graduates) that Luke would probably be just as diligent and reliable managing an oil rig, a sales office, or an elementary school as he is at composing and producing first-rate music. He’s a solid guy, and has my highest recommendation
— Andy Hill: Educator, Music Supervisor, Grammy Award Winning Producer
Luke is a fantastically talented composer as well as a true gem of a person. His work is of the highest caliber and he delivered a composition that impressed me beyond words. If you don’t know who Luke Wieting is or are considering working with him- you won’t regret it. I guarantee it 100%.
— Kaj Kjellesvig: Director at EideCom Media & Events
Luke has done a number of composing projects for me. Everytime he out performs his previous work. I trust only Luke with some of the hardest material, as I know he is capable of delivering the best results. I continue to look forward to the times when we will get to work again.
— Robert Staebel: CEO at Film Otus
A highly gifted composer, orchestrator, and pianist, Luke has the people skills to match. He is a joy to work with, pays great attention to detail, and never misses a deadline. Luke consistently creates high-quality music, tailored beautifully to each project, frequently under extreme time pressures and constraints. These are qualities which will continue to serve him well as his composing career blossoms.

I recommend Luke Wieting wholeheartedly, without any reservation whatsoever.

— Ronald Foster: Composer/Conductor